What are the characteristics of the welcome robot?

What are the characteristics of the welcome robot?


At present, welcoming robots are equipped with obstacle avoidance functions. Its navigation can update the position in real time, and its autonomous navigation can be used with more confidence. The following briefly introduces the characteristics of the welcome robot.

1. Strong interaction.

Welcome robot has a professional semantic library. In the process of daily use, the robot can call up and complete the vocabulary in the voice at any time. When the welcoming robot is applied to the scene, it will perform multiple tests to synchronize its voice, gestures and eye expressions. If there are no problems in all functions, it will be implemented on the spot. The welcome robot can fully display the content of the scene to customers through man-machine dialogue, and at the same time increase customer participation and entertainment, and produce good interactive effects.

2. Accurate face recognition system.

The welcome robot can track human faces through the camera's automatic detection and recognition system, collect identity information, and perform a series of related technologies for facial recognition of detected human faces, which are usually also called face recognition and facial recognition. Customers can sort, judge and recognize multiple faces without deliberate cooperation.

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3. Strong man-machine collaboration ability.

Generally speaking, the staff can adjust the way or content of welcoming guests according to the real scene, and the welcoming robot can assist or replace the staff in more tedious or dangerous welcoming work. Human-machine collaboration is an inevitable choice for the evolution of welcome robots, which are characterized by safety, simple operation, and low cost.

This kind of welcoming robot can be connected with a mobile phone APP, etc., the manager can adjust the robot's program according to actual needs, and can also issue remote commands. For example, in some large shopping malls, it is even possible to control multiple robot devices with one key through a mobile phone APP or other terminals. At the same time, the management of robots can also be visualized and timely. With the development of 5G technology, the application of welcoming robots has become more extensive.