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What are the advantages of the welcome robot?

With the rapid development of intelligent technology, various robots have gradually emerged in the market. With its unique and powerful functions, the Welcome Robot has been well received and won the favor of major busin

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Current situation of hotel industry

       With the high cost of hotel customers, it is more and more difficult to meet the demand of hotel customers. Usually, a large number of workers are needed to ensure the service quality, which is

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You may need an intelligent robot to give children the best education!

With the Internet , great changes have taken place in the education . Network classroom, live broadcast, multimedia information application, intelligent school management, etc., education platform has become mo

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What kind of patrolling robots is worth choosing?

In the security industry, patrolling robots are a very common service robot, which can replace manual work, not only can reduce the burden of human work, but also can meet the security needs of many places. Therefore, al

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