The first Waiter robot cafe in the United States

The first Waiter robot cafe in the United States


Have you ever drunk coffee made by robots??Robot cafes are reported to have been opened in the United StatesCafé XNow open, it's located in downtown San Francisco.AMCThe theatre is crowded with people watching movies during the weekend. There are many curious consumers coming to taste the delicious coffee of robots.

This robot coffee shop is totally unattended. Customers only need to work on a tablet calculator to finish the order. And it is customized fresh coffee made from ground coffee beans. After the robot's efficiency is over, it will wave goodbye to customers, almost more comprehensive than human efficiency.

A visitor from a foreign state said that it was because of the rumor that San Francisco Robot Cafe always wanted to come and have a taste.“This is a very handsome idea.”。 How about coffee??“It's delicious, just like the coffee in the usual cafe.”

Chris, a visitor from Sacramento, Northern California, also indicated that he had come to downtown San Francisco to watch a movie and have a cup of coffee. Earlier, he ordered a cup here. It tasted so good. He also ordered a second cup to try different beans. The two cups tasted different, but they tasted good.

In addition to the people who buy coffee, the Robot Cafe also gathers a lot of people who hunt for spectacles. A passer-by who practiced here said,“It's over. We humans are going to lose our jobs.!”There is a notable concern about robots replacing humans.
Consumers choose the key coffee according to the screen description, such as American coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino and Marchido.10Species selection;The next step is to choose your favorite coffee beans. There are four kinds of beans to choose from, except for chain cafes.Peets CoffeeBeans and local freshly baked coffee;Then choose black coffee, or sugar or milk.

After ordering customized coffee exactly according to the customer's preference, and then entering your mobile phone number or e-mail address on the screen, you can end the sale with credit card payment. Coffee price at2.25-4.50Dollars vary, and the local coffee shop offers the right price, but there is no need to tip at all.

After the coffee is cooked, the customer will receive a code just after entering the mobile phone number or e-mail. At this time, the robot will take the coffee to the coffee fetch place. The customer can open the coffee just by entering the code and get the coffee he bought without making mistakes.