Smart service robot Yinyin

Smart service robot Yinyin

Yinyin-Simple User Manual

Appearance design

1.Appearance sketch

serving robot

2.Product photo

3.Appearance size drawing
smart service robot

Application scene

Application scene hotel、bank、administrative centre、restaurant、science and technology museum、museum、library、hospital、school、sales center、shopping Mall、cinema、car 4S stores、banquet hall、wedding celebration、opening ceremony etc.

Functions overview

Business consulting, greeting, Business reservation, business handling,  explanation,  promotion, patrol, etc.

Value-add Customized functions
1.  advise the requirement    
2、Our R&D check if can do the feature.
3. Quote the price and Lead-time    
4、sign the contract     
5、Our team do it as per contract,         
6.  finish the product and deliver to the client

Main Features

  Function Content
Greeting the visitor

The robot equipped with a sensor which can sense the human body when they are close to it, It will actively interact with the visitor, such as broadcast promotion information, or greeting, play video, etc, You can custom any information content when It interacts with people

It can guide the visitor to different locations after you set the map

3 product introduction It can do product introduction, advertisement, important information,
promotion ad for you,  It can play audio, pictures, video when it is speaking.
4 business handling It can handle inquiries, reservations, business settlement (to be customized), such as hotel self-check-in, banking business consultation, tax department business reservation, etc., hospital visit and guide, telecom business hall as lobby manager, shopping mall promotion, etc.
5 business consulting 1: Custom voice dialogue, support for building different cloud voice database (to be customized), such as if the client wants to use the robot in the hospital, we can make the robot connect with the hospital cloud voice database,
2. answer a variety of business advisory questions to customers and be able to continuously intelligent learning optimization
Search information by voice command

The robot can do as per your voice command to open the website, open app, open the browser to surf the internet and look for the information as per your voice command.
7 Show pictures and video Bring up picture and video by voice command
8 open software by voice command You can open the software by voice command control.
10 Guest Host
Customized the word for releasing the important news. , be able to guest in all kinds of interactive performances in the form of dialogue, explanation, sports, etc.
11 presented etiquette
Can participate in Awards ceremony, complete the presentation of prizes etiquette work.Can complete all kinds of publicity materials, exquisite gifts delivery work.

expression interaction

the robot has been designed to identify your emotions and to select the behavior or expressions best suited to the situation.
fun chatting
It can achieve fun chatting through the cloud voice database.
information playback

If need, the robot can play or playback the content (Include audio, video, pictures) as it walks, walk to a different destination and play different content, the content format can be mp3,mp4, jpg,  txt)
15 Control method
You can control the robot to play different content by App or remote control, or do advertisement or promotion
18 Multi-point explanation The robot can autonomously navigate to different positions to promote different content.
19 Identify the ID card

The robot can identify the ID card (This feature need 2nd developing)
20 Print receipts
There is a small heat-sensitive printer, can print small tickets ( bill )
21 Read the bank card or IC card
It can read bankcard and IC card (This feature need 2nd developing)
23 PIN pad
There is a PIN PAD to help people input the password when need pay.

PS:The above functions are suitable for proper use, and the effect is better.

Technical parameters

1. OS: Android 6.0
2. Appearance Design:
  • Beautiful appearance,  exquisite workmanship, the whole has a clear sense of science and technology
  • humanoid The human appearance,
  • height: 163cm, N.W: 40KG
3.  Material
  • Face: clear acrylic with 8" LCD screen
  • Body:  glass fiber plastic & Metal
4.  body motion performance
  • The robot can work universally, can turn, and emergency stop
  • The robot equipped with anti-skid rubber wheels
  • The robot can be charged by auto or manual
  • Can preset the visual track and walk the fixed route.
  • walking Speed:  around 3km/h, (If need, can make it faster)
5:  automatic obstacle avoidance
  • 5-7 pcs Ultrasonic sensors, make the robot can do obstacle avoidance, accurate distance 1.5M
  • It can bypass the obstacle, the obstacle avoidance distance can be set, such as 1m, 0.8M, etc
  • Ultrasound and laser are fully integrated, the reaction speed of obstacle avoidance is sensitive, and the trigger signal can be obtained at 0.1 s.
6:  Speech Interaction
  • microphone array, reduce noise and automatic sound location, Voice recognition rate more than 90%
  • The speech dialogue can be customized by yourself, put it in txt, then our engineer input the txt, then the robot
    can talk as per the content of txt. or robot will source answer from cloud voice database
  • The robot can do Semantic understanding, voice analysis, multiple dialogue functions.
7:  You can download the software applications base on your mood or the occasion
8.  Face recognition
  • There is a camera with 2 million pixel
  • It can recognize your face after you register on its system.
  • 98% high recognition rate, It identifies faces in millisecords.
9.  Tablet:  computer configuration
  • Screen:  21'5" capacitance screen
  • RAM: 2G,  8g storage memory
  • has a stand-alone USB port, Independent audio port, mic port, network cable port
  • Network: by wifi or 4G module ( If need, can add)
  • has Bluetooth module
10.  Automatic Docking and Recharging
  • YinYin provides around 10-12 hours active use, When its battery is low, She will automatically return to its self-charging dock.
11.  SLAM Automatic Obstacle avoidance
  • autonomous navigation, position and do route planning, Auto-generate a plane maps
  • Liser Ladar navigation, the scan distance 25M, accuracy 2mm, anti-sunlight interference, can be a self-planning route or can establish a virtual route.
  • Depth perception and high precision radar sensors, better navigation and positioning technology and avoidance techniques.
Model of robot Yinyin
Base parameters
Height 160cm  N.W 38kg
Screen 21.5 inch,Hd color LCD screen Screen type 10 touch screen, capacitance
Screen resolution (dpi) 1920*1080 FULLHD Camera Two million pixels
Size(mm) 763.77*457.21*65025.50 mm Batteries and specifications Polymer lithium battery 24V12AH
Tablet size 21.5  inches LCD Facial Can put any face picture as you want
Move mode Universal Wheels Chassis glass fiber + stainless steel
Microphone Four mic arrays, reduce noise  Speaker Dual speaker
Network WIFI Support Bluetooth Yes
Charging time (h) ≤10h(normal 8h)  Battery Life (h) ≥ 10 h
input voltage (V) 220VAC output voltage (V)  24VDC
The distance of the human sensor to the guest 4~5m Ultrasonic distance  1~2m
Standby current (A) 2A Rated power (W)  48W
Control parameter
Walking control By App on phone and PC,  or remote control, voice control Lidar navigation Scan distance: 12m, 16m, 18m, 25m( optional)
Working Environment Indoor, Smooth floor Environment temperature 0-45℃
Dialog system activation mode Human sensor + ultrasonic sensor Dialog system sleep time The sensor was not responsive for 5min
when meeting an obstacle do route planning autonomously or virtual track Control mode APP control, remote control, voice control
Value-add customization of the robot
Public security system certification Id card identifier Pay for hardware Bankcard and IC card reader
Printer Thermal printer Password input device PIN PAD
Safety function
Emergency Stop button Press the button to stop the working robot immediately Detection of obstacle avoidance Real-time monitoring of obstacles in front of the robot, measuring a distance of 80 cm
Pedestrian detection Real-time monitoring of no one passing by, someone coming to say hello  Self-Balance  Heavy chassis make a good balance
Convenience function
voice play by remote control plays an audio file, such as mp3, mp4, file Type of charging Auto/ Manual
When need to adjust the parameter Can change via computer remote control Sensor Lidar, SLAM, Sonar sensor, an infrared sensor, a contact sensor

OS upgrade

By manual
Ultrasonic parameter  Can adjust by our engineer through computer remote control
The file robot can play
Picture format:jpg          resolution:1920*1080 Video frequency format:mp3                           frequency range: 32kbps-320kps
Video format:mp4         resolution:1920*1080        Text format:txt
Product list
List for robot 1: robot,
2:  user manual,           
3:  warranty card
   package EPE foam, wooden box
The accessories
1: Automatic Charging Dock,
2: Power Adapter
3: white remote control
4: black motion remote control
5: 1 set tool kit

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