Humanoid Robot Shaqiang

Humanoid Robot Shaqiang

Shaqiang-Simple User Manual

Appearance design

1.Appearance sketch
Humanoid Robot

2.Product photo

3.Appearance size drawing
  Function Content
Greeting the visitor

The robot equipped with a sensor which can sense the human body when they are close to it, It will actively interact with the visitor, such as broadcast promotion information, or greeting, play video, etc, You can custom any information content when It interacts with people

It can guide the visitor to different locations after you set the map

3 product introduction It can do product introduction, advertisement, important information,
promotion ad for you,  It can play audio, pictures, video when it is speaking.
4 business handling It can handle inquiries, reservations, business settlement (to be customized), such as hotel self-check-in, banking business consultation, tax department business reservation, etc., hospital visit and guide, telecom business hall as lobby manager, shopping mall promotion, etc.
5 business consulting 1: Custom voice dialogue, support for building different cloud voice database (to be customized), such as if the client wants to use the robot in the hospital, we can make the robot connect with the hospital cloud voice database,
2. answer a variety of business advisory questions to customers and be able to continuously intelligent learning optimization
Search information by voice command

The robot can do as per your voice command to open the website, open app, open the browser to surf the internet and look for the information as per your voice command.
7 Show pictures and video Bring up picture and video by voice command
8 open software by voice command You can open the software by voice command control.

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