What are the benefits of using professional service robots at airports?

What are the benefits of using professional service robots at airports?


The airport serves as a window for communication and display with the outside world, and any high-tech will be highly displayed here. Now many airports have begun to promote the use of airport professional service robots. So, what is the use of such professional service robots?

1. It can save airport personnel expenses and improve the experience of passengers.

Placing an automatic airport service robot at the airport can replace the number of airport service personnel to a certain extent, because the robot does not need to rest, but only needs to be charged. The service personnel are to shift shifts according to the shift, so the use of professional service robots can save a lot of staff and costs for the airport. And when a cute service robot moves in the airport, it will attract many passengers. They can check its functions around and communicate with them. This can not only kill time, but also greatly enhance the travel experience of passengers.

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2. Provide passengers with multi-faceted consulting services.

Generally speaking, airport professional service robots are more professional and accurate, including professional analysis of human facial expressions and speech. Therefore, when a passenger asks a question, the high-stability service robot can quickly identify the problem and quickly import it into the system to find a suitable answer. These questions can be quickly answered not only about the interior of the airport, but also about scenic spots, dining areas, and pedestrian streets. While airport professional service robots bring warmth to passengers, they also increase their recognition of the airport.