What are the functions of the patrolling robots?

What are the functions of the patrolling robots?


Patrol robots play a very important role in many fields. So, what are the functions of patrolling robots? A brief description follows.

First: Able to perform 360-degree panoramic photography.

In the eyes of many people, the patrolling robots is just a walking robot and does not have any other functions. But in fact, it has very powerful functions. Among them, it can perform 360-degree panoramic camera. This function is very prominent. It can perform real-time panoramic camera during the patrol. If it encounters abnormal situations, it can do There is evidence to tell.

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Second: Able to perform face recognition.

The patrolling robots can perform face recognition. This function allows the robot to better perform patrol security tasks, and at the same time makes its application range wider, creating unlimited possibilities for more corporate security tasks.

Third: Able to realize human-computer interaction.

No matter in any industry, if human-computer interaction can be realized and it can bring customers a better experience, it will become a development trend of a new era. The patrolling robots has this function, and it demonstrates the advantages of this function extremely well in human-computer interaction.