Artificial intelligence robot Benben 2020(UVGI)

Artificial intelligence robot Benben 2020(UVGI)

Benben 2020- Disinfection service robot(UVGI)

Appearance Design

1.Appearance effect picture

artificial intelligence robot

3.Function description chart

artificial intelligence robot

Application scenario

Application scenario The robot can be used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls,supermarkets, schools, airports, railway stations, motor stations and other public places.
Functional overview The robot can automatically navigate, automatically avoid obstacles, Automatically broadcast,automatically charge, automatically 360 degree disinfection.

Main function

No. Features Content
1 Disinfection Disinfection 360 degrees by ultrviolet light.
2 Cruise 360 disinfect After the map is set up, the circular disinfection can be carried out in the fixed area.
3 Walking route setting You can set a fixed route, or you can plan your route independently.
4 Voice broadcast (Any language) After arriving at the destination, it will play mp3 audio (can be any language), and will also play mp3 audio (can be any language) when encountering obstacles.
5 Advertising It can play advertising information in the form of audio explanations, pictures, videos, etc., or related promotional content, and display new product features and related service contents in all aspects.
6 Automatic Navigation After setting up the map in advance, the robot can navigate and walk automatically.
7 Automatic Obstacle Avoidance When the robot encounters an obstacle, it will automatically stop, or it will automatically bypass the obstacle and find a new route to its destination.
8 Automatic Charging When the robot detects low battery power, it will automatically return to the charging pile to recharge.
9 Remote control You can control it remotely.

Note: The above functions are properly matched and the effect is better.

Technical parameters

Operating system Android 6.0 operating system is the development platform
Design Exquisite appearance, flowing lines, exquisite workmanship, overall with a distinct sense of technology,good gloss of the shell
The robot has no sharp metal parts exposed, the body shell and the operable part have no sharp corners, the joints are firm, the appearance is tight, and it is not easy to be worn out.
The height is 120cm, the weight is 40kg, and the chassis diameter is 53cm.
Body performance The robot can walk, circle, and stop.
It can be charged automatically or manually.
It is equipped with non-slip rubber wheels and does not slip.
The robot can walk autonomously, plan your own route, and automatically generate a flat map.
The robot can set up a virtual route and fixed route walking.
Lidar navigation, laser detection distance of 25m, accuracy of 2mm, anti-sunlight interference, you can independently plan the route can also establish a virtual route, under the premise of avoiding obstacles can bypass obstacles.
The speed of movement can be adjusted from 0 to 3 m/s.
Ultraviolet disinfect lamp tube Released at the same time as ozone, the same lamp.
Three pairs of ultraviolet lamps, The length of the ultraviolet lamp tube is around 30-60 cm.
Disinfection range of ultraviolet lamp tube: 5-6m.
The power of each pair of lamp tube varies from 20 to 40W, and the highest does not exceed 150W.
The ultraviolet lamp tube in the middle can rise and fall.
After 30 minutes of irradiation, disinfection can be completed.After the completion of disinfection, ventilation, disinfection period can not have personnel stay.
Avoidance Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, there are 5 to 7 ultrasonic waves (depending on the structure), the ultrasonic effective distance is 1.5m.
The laser avoids obstacles and can bypass obstacles. The obstacle avoidance distance can be set.
Ultrasound and laser are fully integrated, and the obstacle avoidance response is sensitive, and there is a trigger signal at 0.1s.
Monitor 11-inch 10-point touch full-width screen, brightness is greater than 250cd/m2, screen ratio is 16:9.Resolution: 1920*1080 FULLHD.
Display size: 22x14 cm.
Computer setup 2g running memory, 8g storage memory.
Independent usb port, independent network port, independent audio port, independent microphone port.
Can WIFI internet
Endurance 24v15ah polymer lithium battery, waterproof, full can be used for 9 hours.
With battery display module.
When you have low battery,can go back and charge.
Software Can be upgraded remotely.
Graphical user interface.
Material Plastic + fiberglass + metal iron plate.
Surface Spray paint.

Product quotation

Model Unit price (USD) Tax point Freight Standard Logistics
Benben2020 $ 9800/ 1PCS Taxes to be taxed Excluded, according to the specific area accounting freight 1 remote control, 1 charger, 1 charging pile, 1 set of hexagonal tool wrench, 1 set of hexagonal tool wrench, 1 wooden box Can specify a shipping company

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