Collaborative Robot BenBen

Collaborative Robot BenBen

BEN BEN-Runner Robot Brief Specification

Appearance Design

1.Appearance Effect Chart

Collaborative Robot


3.Appearance dimension diagram

4.Function description diagram

Collaborative Robot


Application scene

Application scene Hotel, restaurant, real estate sales center, car 4S shop, banquet hall, wedding occasion, opening ceremony..…………
Function Overview Meal delivery, welcome reception (selected), explanation, guide, purchase guide, marketing, consultation, entertainment interaction, promotion products, teaching…………
Custom scene function steps
  1. Providing scenario requirements.
  2. whether to develop this function.
  3. Consulting development cycle.
  4. Consulting and developing costs.
  5. Signing a customization agreement.
  6. Checking and accepting the function of the product.

Major function

No. function content
1 Carrying food Sending the meal to the table guest designated , and then explaining the restaurant information for customer. After the guest touching the robot, the robot goes to the next table, or returns to the starting point to recharge.
2 Multipoint carrying The robot can carry food to one table or three tables at the same time.
3 Walking route setting The fixed route can be set up, or the robot can plan the  route  independently.
4 Voice play
(available in different languages)
When arriving at the destination, the robot plays MP3 audio (can be  a  variety of voice), and when encountering obstacles, also plays MP3 audio (can be a variety of voice).
5 Business explanation Can play audio explanation, picture, video and other  forms of advertising information, or related publicity content, display the  new product  features and related service content。.
6 Business Consulting Customizing voice conversation and answering  all kinds of business consulting questions to customers.
7 Interesting chatting Through the interaction with the cloud voice, you can talk with the  robot  freely.
8 Face recognition Can do face recognition,welcome  the  guests。.

Note: the above functions are used in conjunction with each other, and the effect is better.

Technical parameter

Operating system Android 6.0 operating system was used  as  the development platform
Appearance design Exquisite appearance, line flow, exquisite workmanship, the whole has a distinct sense of science and technology
A humanoid appearance, a glossy shell, and a cordial facial expression.
The robot has no sharp metal parts exposed, the shell and the operable part have no sharp corners, the joints are firm, the  appearance is tight, and it is not easy to break.
The height is 100 cm, the body weight is 30 kg, and the chassis diameter is 51 cm.
Lower body motion performance The robot can walk, turn around, and stop in a hurry.
Can be automatically charged or can be manually charged.
Matching anti-skid rubber wheel, do not skid.
Can navigate and walk independently, plan the route independently, and automatically generate the plane map.
Can set up a virtual route for fixed walking route.
Radar navigation, laser detection range 25m, accuracy 2mm, anti-sunlight interference, route can be independently planned, or a virtual route,can be established to  avoid obstacles..
The speed of motion can be adjusted at 0~3m/s.
Bearing tray There are three  trays in total.
each layer of tray can load 10kg。
Avoid obstacles There are 5~7 ultrasonic waves(depending on the structure), and the  effective ultrasonic distance is 1.5m.
Can avoid obstacles by laser,, and obstacle avoiding distance can be set.
Ultrasonic and laser are integrated completely, the reaction speed of obstacle avoidance is sensitive, and trigger signal is in 0.1s.
Voice dialogue Can make dialogue interaction, restaurant business consulting, restaurant business explanation.
Four microphones  array, voice  waking-up, sound source location, recognition distance 5 meters, strong anti-interference, recognition rate is more than 90%.
Can customize the conversation.
Have semantic understanding, phonetic analysis, several rounds dialogue function.
Face recognition It has the function of living body detection and face recognition.
Camera pixel :2 million
The resolution of static picture is not less than 1024x768, and the camera is installed on the chest, about 45 degrees.
Indicator 11 " 10 points touching the whole angle screen,brightness is more than 250cd/m2. Resolution is 1280×800 FULLHD。
Display size: 22x14 cm.
Computer configuration 2 G bytes of running memory and 8 G bytes of stored memory.
Independent USB port, independent network port, independent  audio port, independent microphone port.。
You can use the wifi to explore internet,connect to a 4G card, with a Bluetooth module.
Endurance capacity 24V15AH polymer lithium battery, waterproof, Battery life is 9 hours.
Power display module.
When the electricity is low, can go back to charge itself.
Software function Can be upgraded remotely ,  user graphical
The service query platform can be opened in voice conversation mode.
Material Plastic+ fiberglass+ iron plate.
Surface process Spray paint.

Product quotation

model Unit price (yuan)) Tax point transportation expenses standard configuration logistics
BEN BEN   Tax points should be added to price taxes included Excluding, charges according to distance 1 remote controller  1 charger  1 automatic charging pile  1 set of inner hexagonal tool wrenches,  1 set of outer hexagonal tool wrenches,  1 wooden case Shipping companies can be designated

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