Smart Robot Landou

Smart Robot Landou

Application Scenarios

Science and Technology Museum 丨 School Museum Exhibition Hall 丨 Sales Center Government Hall 丨 Tourist Attractions

Product Features

● Action Programming
The robot can move the head, the neck, the arm, the palm, each finger can move just like a human being, The whole set of motion can customize & be programmed as need.

● Business Consulting
The Robot support customized voice dialogue and build an industry data model and massive knowledge base, answer various business consulting questions to customers and continue to intelligent learning and optimization

● Guide the customer to the location
Robot can lead the guest to the designated location after receiving the guest 's command by voice control and returns to the starting point automatically.

● Publicity and Explanation
The propaganda and explanation can realize multi-point navigation, and customize multi-point bonuses. While performing and explaining, you can play audio to explain pictures, videos and other forms of advertising information or related promotional content, and display new product features and related service contents in all aspects

● Guests & VIP Welcome
Robot has face recognition function, He can greet the VIP guest and shake hand with them for warmly welcome after he scans the VIP guest's face through face recognition. the user can custom the welcome word for greeting guest.

● Fun Chat
Robot has good interaction with guest and has a fun talk, can answer any of question for guest.

● Voice Control
Can do below things by voice command.
A. open the custom picture, video by voice command especially for business promotion.
B. upload the software application.
C. Lead guest to a designated location. etc
D. Give the robot a command, He will source from the internet and open the related information. such as weather, picture, website, etc.

● Control Method
The owner can control the robot through App, remote control to play different content to help the owner do business promotion, advertisement on different occasions.
smart robot

Product Specifications

Size & Weight: Height 163cm, N.W: 45kg
Operation System : Android 6.0
Networks : Wifi, 4G/Bluetooth : optional
Type of Charging: Auto/Manual
Software upgrade: Remote upgrade, Graphical user interface
Battery: 24V 15AH Lithium polymer battery
Material : Plastic + Eco fiber+ Metal
Operation Method: Touch screen/Remote control/Tablet/Voice command/Phone
Battery Life : > 9hrs

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