Work Assistant Robot Benben(Spray)

Work Assistant Robot Benben(Spray)

Benben(Spray)-Disinfection service robots

Application Scenarios

Hospitals,Hotels,Restaurants,Shopping malls,Supermarkets,Schools,Airports,Railway stations,Motor stations and other public places
Product Specifications work assistant robot
Size&Weight: Height 150cm,N.W:50kg
Operation System: Android6.0
Networks: Wifi,4G/Bluetooth:optional
Type of Charging: Auto/Manual
Software upgrade: Remote upgrade,Graphical user interface
Battery: 24V 15AH Lithium polymer battery
Material: Plastic+Eco fiber+Metal
Operation Method: Touch screen/Remote control/Tablet/Voice command/Phone
Battery Life: >9hrs

Product Features

·Fixed point circulation disinfection
After the map is scanned and set up in advance, the robot will automatically circulate disinfection
When the robot is started, just press the remote control and the robot will start 360-degree spray disinfection
The disinfection liquid of the robot is sprayed from the disinfection nozzle on the top of the robot
The storage of disinfectants is about 15 liters
·Voice broadcast reminder
Automatic cruise voice broadcast reminder
·Voice conversation
The robot can chat or business consultation, the content of the conversation can also be customized according to customer needs
·Voice control command
  1. Display the custom picture, video, return to home pages
  2. Guide someone to a designated location
  3. Give the robot a command, He will source from the internet and open the related information. Such as weather, picture, website, etc
Through voice dialogues pictures videoes and other forms of publicity
·Trackless Running
The robot navigates automatically by laser radar and avoids obstacles automatically by ultrasonic induction
·Face Recognition
Robot has face recognition, She can easily recognize the people who have already registered and greens them
·Automatic charging
When the robot battery is low, the robot will automatically return to the charging pile for automatic charging

Disinfectant capacity display
Spray size adjustment switch
Disinfectant nozzle
Micphone array(4 pcs Mics), voice wake-up, sound source positioning, recognition distance is 5 meters, strong anti-interference.recognition rate is more than 90%
HD camera with face recognition
11 inches touch small screen, brightness is greater than the screen ratio 250cd/m2, THe screen ratio is 16:9, 1920*1080 FULLHD
Laser radar navigation, the detection distance is 25m, accuracy is 2cm, anti-sunlight interference, He can independently plan the route and can also establish a virtual route, under the premise of barriers can bypass obstacles
Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Kaka has 3~5 ultrasonic, the ultrasonic effective distance is 1.5m, Ultrasound, and laser are fully integrated. The obstacle avoidance reaction speed is very sensitive
Robot equipped with the non-slip rubber wheels, can walk, turn and emergency stop

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